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Cheap Decor

Decorating on a Hamm's Beer Budget

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Welcome to Cheap Decor! I've set up this community for those of you, like me, who are dead poor but still love to decorate! So, if you're a hard-core thrifter, seasoned salvager, clever crafter, or experienced dollar-stretcher, this is the place for you. Post pictures of your latest project, ask for advice, or brag about the ultra cool thing you got for a buck. Show off your home, your collections, that neat afgan you're knitting. Funky and kooky rules the roost - got a collection of beer can hats? Let's see them! Would your spooky abode make the Addams Family green with envy? If your place is plain or strange, it doesn't matter, as long as you like to decorate on the cheap. Rules are as follows:

1. Please don't spam up the place, but feel free to post links to interesting sites or auctions if you think they might be relevant.
2. Be nice to each other. If someone posts a picture of their orange room and you're offended by the color orange, just try to keep your trap shut about it. This is decorating, not politics.
3. If you have lots and/or giant photos to post, stick them behind a cut. One or two smaller pictures don't need to placed behind a cut.
4. Good deals on groceries and pictures of pets are also encouraged.
5. And finally, when I say CHEAP, I mean CHEAP! This is not the place to brag about the great deal you got on your gold-plated bathroom fixtures. Unless you happened to find them in the dumpster in the alley behind your apartment building, of course!

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