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Hey guys --My sister and her Husband just got married in September, and moved cross country from San Diego, CA, and Lansing, Mi

They moved to Lansing at the end of September, and turned a run-down tiny apartment into a posh pad -- all for under $500. (Take it, trading spaces.) Check it out!

They've entered it into a contest and they made it into the finals. They've made the top 4 out of 65 apartments all over the country, and now we need your help! We get a $3000 shopping spree if we get first place, so every vote helps! Please help us!

Click Here and vote for Tod and Corey Marie! Every single vote will help us get closer to winning!

Thank you so much -- this would be the best wedding present ever for them!!

*****PLEASE NOTE******
I'm not posting this as a 'stuff the ballot approach. in fact, i posted this in my livejournal, and i just decided to post it in here, because i thought you guys would be interested. Please feel free to vote for whomever you'd like.

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