Kat (puffy_cream) wrote in cheapdecor,

DIY Headboard

Well, I finally can read in my bed now.

Check out my DIY headboard - it took me about 20 mins to finish.
It's not much to look at, and I wished I add some foam to make it thicker and more boxy.
But being the cheapskate I am, I thought I was saving $3.49 on the foam. Oh well, it still looks decent as long as I don't see it from sideways.

Click here

another view

Total cost: about $30 + tax for MDF, batting, and fabric.
The most expensive item is the fabric, but it is made from this really nice soft velour materials.

Now I found a website selling upholstery button (you just put a piece of fabric and snap the button case) for about $3 for a dozen plus shipping.
Should I add the upholstery buttons? That's an extra cost, but it does look a bit blah right now.
Yay or Nay?

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The buttons would look nice, but if your foam isn't thick, then wouldn't they dig into your back?
It's pretty cushy, about 1" thick. I just wished it was boxier.
I would take some alternate colord of suedish material (treat with elmers glue/fraycheck) and cut out interesting mod-esque shapes like those seen in the West Elm catalog.
That's brilliant.
Maybe a light blue color buttons like the comforter's color or the satin pillow.

I'll let you know.
For now, it will stay minimalist.